SOUTH AFRICA – The Republic of South Africa is set to host the Africa Health Exhibition 2022 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg targeting ways to build resilient health systems in Africa particularly mental health infrastructure.

The Africa Health 2022 will be organized by the Informa Markets’ Global Healthcare Group and the event will host 12 CPD accredited conferences that are aimed at bridging the gap in medical knowledge by providing the very latest insights into cutting-edge procedures, techniques and skills.

Africa’s largest Healthcare Event will be held from 26th to 28th October 2022 in at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng, South Africa for African leaders, researchers, policymakers and stakeholders to discuss medical obstetrics particularly maternal mental healthcare in Africa.

Content Lead for the Africa Health 2022 Congress Cynthia Makarutse said in a statement that there is dire need to build a resilient, compassionate healthcare system in which pregnant mothers are afforded the dignity and respect they deserve.

We’re moving in the right direction, but it will likely take further concerted efforts and robust collaborative interventions to ensure that the suffering of pregnant women with mental health disorders is adequately addressed,” Makarutse observed.

She highlighted that poor communication between Health Care Workers (HCWs) and their patients, invasive methods, disregard for pain and personhood, medical neglect, obstetric violence and a disregard for privacy are among the pressing problems facing Africa’s maternal healthcare systems.

Africa’s pregnant and birthing mothers must have access to high quality care, and appropriate medication.

Cynthia Makarutse, Content Lead for the Africa Health 2022 Congress


She further said that the inadequacies of health systems in Africa may be fueling mental health concerns among pregnant and birthing mothers, noting that pregnancy can trigger or worsen mental health conditions.

In addition, the 4th Medical Obstetrics Conference under the theme “Post-pandemic medical obstetrics – updates, consensus & controversies” happening at this year’s Africa Health promises a day of insightful discussion on community obstetrics and mental health disorders in pregnancy.

The Medical Obstetrics Conference will bring together some of the continent’s leading authorities to share their expertise on ways to narrow the critical gaps in our current obstetric and maternal healthcare paradigms.

During the conference, the session on ‘Community Obstetrics’ will be moderated by Dr Coceka Mnyani while Dr Lavinia Lumu who is a Specialist Psychiatrist at Akeso Crescent Clinic will explore ‘Mental health disorders in pregnancy’.

Celebrated Professor Sue Fawcus at the University of Cape Town is also expected to address the question, ‘Did the COVID-19 pandemic undo the progress made in reducing maternal mortality in South Africa?’

Finally, Dr Tamsyn Baillie Stanton will explore ‘The role of the emergency physician in reducing maternal mortality’ followed by an interactive debate to ensure attendees engage with the renowned speakers.

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