USA — Stryker, a global leader in medical technologies, has unveiled its plans to acquire Serf SAS, a distinguished French manufacturer specializing in joint replacement hardware.

The strategic move involves a binding offer to Serf’s corporate parent, Menix, a prominent entity based in Lyon, known for its leadership in hip replacements, with 65% of its revenue generated from international orthopedics sales.

While the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, Stryker anticipates the acquisition’s completion in the first quarter of 2024, subject to compliance with French law processes and other regulatory requirements.

The acquisition aligns seamlessly with Stryker’s existing ventures in France and Europe, amplifying its global joint replacement portfolio.

The agreement positions Stryker to better cater to a diverse patient population, strengthening its foothold in the ever-evolving field of medical technology.

Serf SAS, acclaimed for pioneering the dual mobility cup for replacement hips in 1975, has evolved over 50 years, consistently delivering innovative concepts in large joint replacement products.

The company’s inventive solutions extend to foot and knee implants. Menix, Serf’s parent company, further diversifies its offerings by marketing dental implants and equipment for craniomaxillofacial surgery.

Stryker acknowledges SERF SAS’s global recognition among healthcare professionals as a trailblazer in the hip implant space.

The acquisition is poised to complement Stryker’s existing presence in France, Europe, and worldwide, fortifying its global joint replacement portfolio.

The MENIX Group, established in 2008 as a French holding company, encompasses brands in orthopedics, dental implants, and craniomaxillofacial surgery.

The addition of SERF to the MENIX Group in 2009 marked a pivotal moment, followed by the creation of SERF Extremity in 2014—a subsidiary specializing in distributing orthopedic implants for the foot.

In a strategic move in late 2021, SERF expanded its portfolio by acquiring the Madison knee from Implanet, a valuable addition to its unicompartmental Uni KROMA range.

Stryker’s CEO, Kevin Lobo, positions the company’s approach to mergers and acquisitions as “external R&D.”

Emphasizing Stryker’s appreciation for external innovations, Lobo, speaking at AdvaMed’s The MedTech Conference earlier this year, highlighted the company’s commitment to embracing newer technologies developed both internally and through strategic acquisitions.

The finalization of the acquisition is contingent upon Stryker’s adherence to the binding agreement following the completion of the works council information consultation process, per French law.

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