NIGERIA — Nigeria’s private medical diagnostics firm SYNLAB has launched an e-commerce portal where Nigerians can access its medical diagnostics services.

This move is meant to help as many Nigerians as possible to reach modernized delivery of diagnostic services.

The site will hopefully increase access and a touch of convenience for their services said SYNLAB Nigeria CEO, Mr. Kenneth Okolie, during its official launch at their headquarters in Lagos.

He reiterated the organization growing efforts to reach many Nigerians who do not have a physical laboratory near them and are in dire need of their comprehensive diagnostics services.

Mr. Kenneth Okolie insisted, “As an organization that values innovation, SYNLAB Nigeria is not just a medical laboratory service company but also one keen on Fussing Technology in its operations and overall service delivery.

“We leverage technology in ensuring that our customers get excellent services at the comfort of their location”.

According to the business research company, the global healthcare e-commerce market size will grow from US$309.62 billion in 2022 to US$366.94 billion in 2032, representing a growth rate of 18.5%.

These growth forecast figures are much higher in the African context with more than a 25% growth rate in countries like Nigeria.

Hence businesses such as SYNLAB Nigeria can leverage the opportunity that this can offer them to expand their services to a much larger consumer base.

Mr. Kenneth Okolie further noted that the platform would offer quality diagnostics information that would guarantee a healthier life for their clients and the people they love.

The online diagnostics services booking can be done by Nigerians living abroad on behalf of their loved ones living in the country.

As Mr. Kenneth affirms, “Nigerians in the diaspora can easily book tests for their loved ones in Nigeria; when the test is carried out, they can get the results and be able to properly attend to the health needs of their loved ones without being present in the country.”

The Chief Operating Officer, Mr Gabriel Okoli also noted that SYNLAB’s Nigeria capacity to handle nearly any known medical test and the platform would offer Nigerians an unlimited number of diagnostics services at the comfort of their location per time.

He elaborated that clients can visit SYNLAB Nigeria’s website, select the test they need, pay online, and be contacted for the test.

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