BAHRAIN – Bahrain’s Labour Fund (Tamkeen) and the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society have renewed their cooperation agreement to work together in training students with down syndrome over the next two years.

It calls for a renewed collaboration between Tamkeen and the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society to enhance the country’s capacity to employ students with down syndrome and to help place them in specialized positions in cooperation with private sector enterprises.

It is redesigned in line with recent labour market requirements to support persons with disabilities in accessing the formal labour market and waged employment in a way that respects social justice, human rights and decent work as a critical element of an inclusive society.

The extended partnership agreement will ensure the efficiency of the support provided in promoting the integration of various members of Bahraini society and facilitating their first-time inclusion in the labour market.

Her Excellency Ms. Maha Mofeez, Chief Executive of the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) said: “At Tamkeen, we ensure establishing qualitative strategic partnerships which contribute to the provision of the necessary upskilling opportunities for Bahraini talent.”

Welcoming the renewal of the cooperation agreement, she emphasized on Tamkeen’s role in supporting all segments of society, noting that it will continue its efforts to facilitate the participation of individuals with Down Syndrome in the overall development process.

We are fully committed to making Bahrainis the first choice for employment in the private sector. To achieve this mandate, we provide specialized training opportunities that help enhance the skills of our local talent,” added Ms. Maha Mofeez.

In addition, the renewed cooperation builds upon their successful partnership, launched in 2018, to ensure the inclusion of all members of society within Tamkeen’s programs and initiatives, helping them become active participants in Bahrain’s development journey.

The Bahrain Down Syndrome Society provides direct and indirect support to individuals with Down Syndrome, their parents, and their families.

It works towards developing local services available to individuals with Down Syndrome in the fields of health, psychology, education, and social skills.

On his part, Mr. Adel Abdulla Fakhro, Chairman of the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society, stated: “Individuals wishing to register their dependents may directly contact the management team of the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society for more information.”

To date, the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society has facilitated access to qualification and employment for about 25 students, reflecting positively on the inclusion of individuals in the labour market.

The first-of-its-kind initiative in the Arab region reflects positively on their performance and interaction with all members of society according to their abilities and potential.

The renewed cooperation between Tamkeen and the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society aims to boost the career progression opportunities of the participants of the first edition of the program.

Moreover, several organizations have already recruited graduates of this program, including the National Bank of Bahrain, Al Salam Bank, Carrefour, McDonald’s, and Royal Bahrain Hospital.

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