KENYA – Health X, a well-equipped virtual medical facility, has announced that its medical services to corporates and manufacturing companies in Kenya will enable firms to set up virtual clinics to help them reduce insurance premiums and increase employee productivity.

Health X advised corporates and manufacturing companies in Kenya to sign up to its medical plan since the digital system is expected to save on claims which could help reduce premiums paid by companies for their employees, help in sick leave management and ultimately employee productivity.

HealthX Africa CEO Qaizer Manji said corporate clients that have an on-site clinic need the digital health system following an analysis with one of the clients, observing that the technologically advanced clinic would save people from traveling to hospitals thus saving time, money and energy.

When considering all types of digital technology applications in healthcare, there are broadly six categories including telehealth, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI &ML), augmented and virtual reality, internet of things (IOT), 3D printing, and NGS.

According to Kenya’s Business Daily newspaper, patients can access health services offered on a transparent subscription model which is affordable, giving patients access to medical consultations via video or voice calls and live chat.

Launched in Kenya in 2021, Health X provides patients with 24/7 access to qualified and licensed healthcare professionals with extensive experience in primary healthcare and patient management who are permanently employed by Health X, services are offered through an integrated telehealth platform.

The company says the virtual clinic is operated by a nurse and comes with up to nine Bluetooth-enabled medical devices such as a blood pressure machine, stethoscope, weighing machine, glucometer, pulse oximetry and thermometer and the entire machine is integrated into Health X system.

The virtual medical services provider works on a subscription model which gives people unlimited healthcare access in a move to reduce congestion in healthcare facilities, lower costs for patients and give users access to educational healthcare content to help prevent diseases.

Moreover, the virtual medical facility offers professional mental care services through five general practitioners including a family medicine specialist, clinical and community nutritionist as a wellness advisor and a clinical psychologist to help with stress and mental health.

HealthX Africa CEO Qaizer Manji explained that when a patient comes in for teleconsultations, a nurse will triage them out and then connect him or her to a doctor, adding that the doctor may ask for temperature where the nurse proceeds to take and data fed to the system and to our doctor in real-time.

“Once it’s done you print out the consultation and leave. The idea is much cheaper than setting up an actual hospital or clinic. It goes all the way to a digital stethoscope where on one side the nurse puts a stethoscope and the other side the doctor can feel the heartbeat,” CEO Qaizer Manji noted.

Qaizer Manji further said that the medical data synchronizes to patient’s mobile app which supports electronic medical records, noting that the installation is targeting underserved remote areas without clinics, corporates, schools, universities and construction sites.

He revealed that Health X has been leveraging on technology to offer health care and wellness services for people at home by working with partner pharmacies and diagnostic companies to arrange for medication delivery and at-home lab testing.

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