USA — Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies has secured approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for what is being hailed as the inaugural whole blood automation device accessible in the United States.

The innovative Reveos Automated Whole Blood System stands poised to transform blood processing, particularly for platelets, by streamlining the process and alleviating manual interventions.

The Reveos system’s pivotal ability lies in its capacity to convert blood into various components, including platelets, within a single centrifugation cycle.

This advancement eliminates the need for certain manual procedures traditionally required to separate platelets from the rest of the blood.

The potential impact is far-reaching, as it can substantially enhance the efficiency of blood centers’ platelet collection processes, thereby bolstering the availability of this vital component for patients requiring treatment.

Chetan Makam, General Manager of Terumo’s global blood solutions business, emphasized the significance of this achievement in a recent interview.

He highlighted, “Platelets are used to treat trauma patients, for procedures like heart surgeries, and for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Demand for platelets continues to increase.”

Currently, the prevalent source of platelets for transfusion in the U.S. stems from a technique known as apheresis.

This method involves drawing blood from a donor, isolating specific components, and subsequently returning the remaining blood to the donor.

However, the trajectory of platelet donations via apheresis is unlikely to match the escalating demand. Additionally, certain older donors are unable to contribute through this mechanism.

Makam elaborated on these challenges by stating, “We are adjusting to the demographic changes in the blood donation population as well. We would love to see the percentage of people who donate increase.”

Terumo aspires to counter these challenges with its newly approved system. By optimizing the separation of blood into individual components, the company aims to bolster the efficiency of blood centers and elevate the supply of platelets for patients in need.

The traditional process of breaking down whole blood into its components involves a complex sequence of up to 18 to 20 manual steps.

However, the Reveos device is expected to significantly truncate this process to a mere five to seven steps, contingent on the specific center’s procedures.

Embarking on this groundbreaking journey, Terumo has initiated a collaboration with Blood Centers of America, the largest blood supply network in the U.S., to deploy these revolutionary devices.

Bill Block, CEO of Blood Centers of America, expressed his enthusiasm, affirming that “Reveos will help blood centers maximize the use of whole blood donations while increasing the availability of platelets for patients in need.”

Terumo’s advancements also extend to the extension of platelet shelf life. As part of the Reveos clearance, the company obtained an intended use statement for its Imugard WB Platelet Pooling Set.

This innovative solution has the potential to extend the shelf life of platelets from the conventional five days to a more advantageous seven days.

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