INDIA – Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the SeqStudio Flex Series Genetic Analyzer, the latest generation of which will enable customers to conduct cutting-edge research in areas such as gene editing and infectious disease.

Capillary Electrophoresis (CE), which allows for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis, is an important tool for improving clinical research and scientific discovery.

The SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer meets the gold standard of CE technology by providing accurate data and dependable performance.

Amit Chopra, managing director, India, and South Asia, Thermo Fisher Scientific said: “At Thermo Fisher we strive to provide innovative and advanced products that meet the needs of our customers.

The SeqStudio Flex Series Genetic Analyzers are designed keeping our customers in mind, offering a simplified, more efficient workflow, multiple applications and an exceptional level of accuracy to advance their research.

The introduction of the product reaffirms our commitment to Innovation and our investments in CE technology expands our portfolio with the latest generation of innovative, mid-throughput genetic analyzers.”

The new mid-throughput genetic analyzer features design and technological advances that improve flexibility, usability, and connectivity.

The mid-throughput genetic analyzer incorporates design and technological advancements to improve flexibility, usability, and connectivity.

The user-friendly and adaptable system, which includes advanced Wi-Fi connectivity, enables remote plate setup and monitoring, as well as streamlined data transfer, analysis, and scientific collaboration.

The SeqStudio Flex Series Genetic Analyzer is the first CE-based instrument to offer remote servicing for faster problem resolution.

With the increased plate capacity supported by design enhancements and simplified workflow, SeqStudio Flex series genetic analyzers are highly capable of accelerating genomic research,” added Kapil Sood, senior director, life sciences solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Meanwhile, Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a collection of new gas chromatography (GC) and GC-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) instruments offering innovative hardware and software updates.

Features of the new Thermo Scientific GC/GC-MS instruments include:

  • Unique GC modularity and NeverVent technologies that enable increased instrument uptime by accelerating maintenance operations through user-exchangeable injectors and detectors modules, and the ability to remove MS ion source, filaments and analytical column without breaking the vacuum.
  • Wider high-resolution multi-function touch screen, tool-free column connection
  • Illuminated GC oven and autosampler syringe compartment
  • Support from how-to videos directly on the GC touch screen for quick familiarisation and adoption
  • Consistent sensitivity and extended linear dynamic range of the new MS detector that enables methods consolidation for maximized sample throughput—a critical need for analytical laboratories performing a high volume of tests.

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