USA — Thermo Fisher Scientific, a prominent medical equipment company based in the U.S., has introduced cutting-edge sample preparation solutions to streamline and automate respiratory diagnostic testing.

The company has launched the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Apex Dx, an automated nucleic acid purification instrument, and the Applied Biosystems MagMAX Dx Viral/Pathogen NA Isolation Kit for isolating and purifying viral and bacterial pathogens from respiratory biological specimens.

The KingFisher Apex Dx system, designed for clinical laboratories conducting respiratory testing, offers high-throughput capabilities to generate high-quality results.

It facilitates the recovery of quality nucleic acids for downstream applications with maximum consistency, reproducibility, and reliability.

The system is part of a modular sample preparation workflow for real-time PCR analysis, providing accurate results, robust data management, and security features.

The MagMAX Dx Viral/Pathogen NA Isolation Kit, compatible with the KingFisher Apex Dx automation system, enhances the formulation for reproducible results.

This kit is designed to maximize nucleic acid yield from routine respiratory pathogens such as S. aureus, M. tuberculosis, influenza, RSV, and SARS-CoV-2.

Thermo Fisher’s latest offerings provide laboratories with in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) and in-vitro diagnostic regulation (IVD-R) approved automated sample preparation solutions.

According to Ellie Mahjubi, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Sample Preparation Vice President and General Manager, these innovations simplify sample preparation for clinical labs, ensuring confidence in downstream results during respiratory disease testing.

The KingFisher Apex Dx system, with the ability to automate the extraction of up to 24 or 96 DNA, RNA, protein, or cell samples, is offered in both research use only (RUO) and IVD software modes.

It can be seamlessly integrated with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) or Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) through Diomni Enterprise Software.

In addition to its advancements in respiratory diagnostic solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific has secured the exclusive distribution rights for FDA-approved Aesku products in the United States.

This five-year agreement includes sales, marketing, service, and support tasks for Aesku’s portfolio of innovative diagnostic solutions, automated devices, and software.

Santhosh Nair, President of ImmunoDiagnostics at Thermo Fisher Scientific, emphasized the partnership’s significance, stating that it aligns with the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for autoimmune diseases.

The collaboration enables Thermo Fisher to expand its immunology product portfolio, ensuring laboratories and healthcare professionals have access to a comprehensive range of automated diagnostic systems for faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Dr. Torsten Matthias, Managing Director and Founder of Aesku, said about the cooperation: “We are very pleased to partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world-leading diagnostics company, to bring our groundbreaking IFA solutions to the US market.”

This collaboration aims to set new standards for the accuracy and efficiency of autoimmunity testing, providing advanced diagnostic options for clinics and patients.

The agreement allows Thermo Fisher to exclusively handle sales, marketing, and related activities for Aesku products in the United States, while Aesku remains the manufacturer for all products under the agreement.

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