UAE—Thuraya Telecommunications Company,  a subsidiary of Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC, has forged a partnership with Niflink to offer customizable telemedicine and eLearning solutions across its network, leveraging Niflink’s advanced video compression technology.

This collaboration introduces a myriad of opportunities for institutional and organizational users, including health and education ministries, military entities, first responders, and non-governmental organizations.

As per the agreement, Niflink’s telemedicine solution will undergo optimization and certification to seamlessly operate across the Thuraya network within its operational regions.

The tailored solution aims to facilitate large-scale remote education and healthcare initiatives in remote and rural areas.

This is made achievable through embedded video compression technology, ensuring the efficient transmission of multimedia content via Thuraya’s extensive satellite network, which spans 80% of the globe across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

During the partnership announcement, Sulaiman Al Ali, CEO of Thuraya and Chief Commercial Officer of Yahsat, expressed his enthusiasm, emphasizing that the collaboration with Niflink will extend the reach and impact of essential health and education services to more individuals.

On his part, Cav. Bruno Iacone, CEO of Niflink, echoed this sentiment, underscoring the partnership’s significance in enhancing accessibility to critical services in the telemedicine and eLearning sectors.

He emphasized Niflink’s adaptability, which enables it to cater to various use-case scenarios, including videoconferencing and communications, utilizing cutting-edge video compression technology.

Moreover, Niflink’s eLearning solutions can be optimized to deliver educational content to remote schools and villages via Yahsat’s satellite networks, offering efficiency and cost savings.

The partnership also addresses remote medical services for challenging environments, facilitating communication between medical professionals and patients.

This enables the provision of essential medical care on-site without the physical presence of surgeons, ensuring the timely sharing of medical knowledge and expertise in high-risk situations.

Furthermore, Niflink’s telemedicine solutions can be tailored to address various use cases, including emergency mobile medical cases, crew health services in maritime environments, and disaster response scenarios where initial communication disruptions occur due to natural disasters.

The Niflink compression framework offers unparalleled quality over narrow links without the need for powerful hardware or intermediate infrastructure, ensuring seamless and efficient transmission of critical data.

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