UGANDA- Notable Ugandans have deployed a drive to raise UGX35.2B (US$10M) in support of the development of local cancer and diabetes drug.

The influential personalities joined efforts with David Ssenfuka, an herbal researcher, to raise money which will be used to further develop the local remedy he had made for people battling cancer and diabetes.

The announcement about the fund-raising drive was made at Hotel Africana in Kampala following the move to qualify Ssenfuka’s remedy for clinical trials by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

Ssenfuka appreciated efforts by the noble Ugandans to join efforts with him to develop the treatment remedy to the required standards.

The Presidential Scientific Initiative on Epidemics (PRESIDE) led by the minister for MOSTI, Dr Monica Musenero, recently noted in a letter that an evaluation of the anti-diabetic properties of the herbal formulation in animals had proved that the product was safe.

Musenero’s signed letter further stated that the decision came after the local remedy was administered on alloxan-induced diabetic animal models.

Alloxan is a toxic chemical used to induce diabetes in experimental animals by destroying the insulin-secreting cells of Langerhans islet in the pancreas.

Samuel William Wako Wambuzi, the former Chief Justice and other high-profile personalities reaffirmed to the media their commitment in supporting the drive against cancer and diabetes during a press conference.

The former Chief Justice expressed that Cancer and diabetes had caused him pain and he was still being affected in different ways.

He mentioned that his first wife succumbed to cancer and for over two months in the hospital, he saw the pain she went through.

Traditional medicine in the healthcare delivery system is a step towards improving health service delivery in Uganda.

Additionally, there are efforts to support local treatment solutions away from foreign overreliance through local cheaper healthcare delivery systems which can be accessed by everybody.

New health project in Mukono

Meanwhile, Uganda Rotary Clubs are working to establish a modern and well-equipped health facility in Mukono which will eventually be turned into a fully-fledged hospital.

Although the building housing Bukeerere Health Centre II in Mukono is small, it supplies health services to at least eight villages and almost 20,000 people

Despite its advantages, the labor ward where outpatients are received is 2m away resulting to the rotary clubs’ target to come up with a sustainable maternity ward for the community within five years.


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