UGANDA — The 2023 Rotary Cancer Run aims to raise more than US$0.5 million, and Next Media through its sports division, NBS Sport will sponsor the edition with a US$71,823 package.

The announcement was made during a press conference held at the Next Media Park in Kampala, marking a milestone in the 12th edition of the Rotary Cancer Run.

Scheduled to take place on August 27, 2023, the Rotary Cancer Run will be held under the inspiring theme “Run for Hope” at the Kololo Independence Grounds and 40 other towns and cities nationwide.

The run aims to raise US$552,488 to support the construction of a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility at St. Francis Nsambya Hospital.

The facility is set to house two bunkers, a crucial addition to the country’s healthcare infrastructure to enhance cancer treatment accessibility for all Ugandans.

Through its participation in the Rotary Cancer Run, NBS Sport aims to increase knowledge about cancer and the importance of regular cancer checks.

Additionally, they are committed to contributing to the establishment of the Radiotherapy cancer treatment facility, which will play a vital role in enhancing accessibility to essential treatment options for all Ugandans.

In a statement, Edwin Danze, the Chief Marketing Officer of Next Media, expressed the organization’s enthusiasm and dedication to corporate social responsibility.

“Our commitment extends beyond their broadcasting platform, and we are resolute in joining the fight against cancer, a disease that affects countless lives nationwide,” Danze stated.

Danze added that by supporting the Uganda Cancer Run 2023, Next Media aims to stand in solidarity with the cause, encouraging viewers, partners, and fellow citizens to unite and make a meaningful impact in the lives of cancer patients.

Rotary Cancer Program in Uganda

In 2011, Under the leadership of then-District Governor Stephen Mwanje, Rotarians in Uganda embarked on what many thought was an ambitious project to build a cancer ward that would provide specialist treatment and early detection for cancer patients.

Their vision was a Centre of excellence that would provide the vital early detection and cure of cancer, pre-and post-treatment care, and most importantly save many lives that were being lost needlessly.

This vision is what led to the formation of the Uganda Rotary Cancer Program.

The Rotary Cancer Run was launched in August 2012 as the primary awareness and fundraising vehicle.

The Cancer Run has been ongoing annually for 11 years and the public has turned up in big numbers to support the cause.

In 2015, the organization handed over the completed cancer ward to Nsambya Hospital which is now responsible for the day-to-day operations.

Rotary Cancer Program Uganda Limited is registered as a not-for-profit organization operating in Uganda.

The program is owned by Rotary Uganda and its operations are generally funded by voluntary contributions from Rotary clubs, individual Rotarians, corporate organizations the public, and Rotary International.

The 2023 run edition is also sponsored by the Parliament of Uganda, Centenary Bank, Maad McCann Foundation, CBS FM, BBS, Krystal Mineral Water, Unilever, & events warehouse Uganda.

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