GHANA – Luex Healthcare has been awarded the Multinational Company (MNC) of the year at the third edition of the Ghana Pharma Awards 2021 held at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra.

The award, endorsed the outstanding contribution of Luex to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Luex is a UK-based healthcare company operating in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing, logistics, distribution and marketing since 1987.

It is directly and indirectly present in over 20 countries and has over 15 manufacturing partnerships with mostly the World Health Organisation Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO-c GMP) sites of high standards of quality compliance, including Unichem Industries, located in Ghana.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Luex, Mr Vishaal Mohan, who picked up the award on behalf of the group, commended the medical fraternity in Ghana.

“We dedicate this award to the compassionate and dedicated healthcare professionals and partners who have helped us over the years to deliver trusted & valued medicines throughout Ghana and beyond,” he stated.

He pledged that Luex would commence the manufacturing of some of its liquids & ointments in Ghana this year to ensure affordability and accessibility for all in the years to come.

Over the past three decades, Luex has become a trusted name across the medical fraternity in Ghana with over 100 key brands across all major therapeutic categories.

The company has equally strengthened its over the counter range, which has led to Luex becoming a household name nationwide,” Mr Mohan said.

Unlike many other multinationals, the company has undertaken trials and studies on some key ethical products locally. Mr Mohan acknowledged that undertaking trials in developing countries such as Ghana were more complex, “but this research can be a solution to the high rates of early mortality.”

The Ghana Society of Dermatology recently endorsed Luex’s Mycolex cream and powder as an antifungal agent of choice, the latest milestone for the pharmaceutical manufacturer in the country.

The Ghana Pharma Awards provides a platform to recognize individuals and companies that play a significant role in the growth and development of the industry while recognizing the key functions within the industry that promote growth and sustainability.

The award has had several beneficiaries, one of such being Shalina Healthcare, a market leader in quality pharmaceutical products at an affordable price and available across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Shalina Healthcare has been adjudged Promising Company of the Year, something the company said will serve as a motivation in delivering the highest standard of business ethics and customer service satisfaction.

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