EGYPT – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Egypt and the Misr El Kheir Foundation (MEK) have entered into a landmark collaboration aimed at supporting humanitarian relief efforts through the provision of essential medical supplies.

This collaboration comes as unimpeded, safe, and sustained access is urgently needed to provide fuel, medical supplies, and water for lifesaving services in the Gaza Strip, which is bordered by Egypt on the southwest.

Under the newly forged Memorandum of Understanding, UNDP Egypt and Misr El Kheir Foundation will take a particular focus on non-governmental organizations and relief efforts.

With the signing of this MoU, we aim to leverage the reinforcing power of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship to the benefit of the Egyptian people,” Alessandro Fracassetti, UNDP Egypt Resident Representative, said in a press release.

One of the key priorities outlined between UNDP Egypt and Misr El Kheir Foundation is promoting the use of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The collaboration will help Egypt to improve the quality of life of millions of citizens and make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, including health goals.

Our ongoing partnership with MEK has already yielded success in Egypt, empowering smaller NGOs through the ‘Misr El Kheir’ Social Pioneers Prize, identifying best practices for SDG implementation, and positively impacting vulnerable groups in the Kafr El Sheikh Governorate,” highlighted Alessandro Fracassetti.

In addition, UNDP Egypt and MEK will jointly launch skilling and upskilling initiatives specifically designed to empower women and help them gain access to decent employment opportunities.

UNDP Egypt and MEK will work closely to bolster the capabilities of the government and local entities concerned with providing vital essential services.

This alliance builds on past collaborative efforts between the two organizations, further salifying their joint commitment to strengthen MEK’s NGO unit in Egypt.

In his address, MEK Director Dr. Mohamed Rifai said: “The renewed collaboration focuses on supporting activities implemented by this center, affiliated with the Institutional Development Program for Non-Profit Organizations at the MEK Foundation.”

Dr. Mohamed Rifai further highlighted UNDP’s crucial role in establishing the Arab Center for the Sustainability of Philanthropic Work.

He emphasized the regional and local impact of integrating sustainable development and climate action concepts into Arab philanthropic work.

Leveraging the respective strengths and expertise of UNDP as the lead development implementer in Egypt and MEK as an NGO, MEK’s NGO unit launched the first-ever social incubator in the country.

This work will build on UNDP’s longstanding support to countries on the climate and health nexus, in close collaboration with ministries of health and partners.

In August 2023, the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the UNDP invited NGOs to submit expressions of interest for the implementation of the economic empowerment activities of a new project.

The new project, Strengthening Institutional and Human Resources Capacities of the Ministry of Social Solidarity – Support to COVID-19 Response, is being funded by the European Union.

The project aims to establish production units and local projects to meet local market requirements and create job opportunities based on the expected changes in the supply and demand chains.

With a focus on supporting livelihoods, the project aims to stimulate the local economy and generate income for local households, especially those severely affected by COVID-19 socio-economic impacts.

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