GHANA – UniDoc Health Corp, a Canadian based innovator in the telehealth sector, has launched virtual clinic services in Ghana in effort to ease access to quality healthcare.

UniDoc offers a telehealth solution which is designed as a self-contained remote virtual clinic within a private kiosk for patients to undergo full consultations as if they were present in a physician’s office.

To provide its services in Ghana, UniDoc entered into an agreement under the offices of Her Royal Highness, Nana Hemaa Kwasi Bozoma III, Ndweafo Royal Stool, Ekpu, Western Region, Republic of Ghana and Nana Angate Kpanyinli III.

Under the agreement, UniDoc Health Corp will establish health units to be situated in 250 to 400 kiosk locations and register over 2,000,000 patient subscribers towards the development of communities.

The UniDoc Virtual Care Solution kiosk system will conduct clinical tests in line with the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement with the intent to formalize a definitive agreement on or before April 16th 2022.

The “Virtual Care Solutions Model” is a proprietary customizable and comprehensive telehealth solution that integrates a range of physical products, web-based services and analytical tools along with access to UniDoc’s developing network of healthcare providers, pharmacies, and hospitals.

The Company will offer leasing, subscription fee, and revenue sharing models to Ghanaians under definitive terms which the collaborative partners have agreed to by using reasonable commercial efforts to negotiate in good faith.

Medical personnel for the project will be coordinated by the Republic of Ghana which will provide access to a universal health care system under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

The binding agreement outlines the commercial details, testing and implementation of the Virtual Care Solutions Model kiosks in independent locations and other locations throughout Ghana to promote affordable commercial healthcare solutions.

It encompasses all kiosks assigned, associated or affiliated with Ghana who shall have the rights to use of the Virtual Care Solutions Model in Ghana and elsewhere where both parties agree on the commercial terms.

The healthcare environment in Ghana is currently focused on urban centres thus UniDoc telehealth solutions will help realigning resource priorities and spread primary diagnostic assessment more evenly across the nation.

The partnership also seeks to curb the long queues at hospitals in order to see doctors for consultation by offering telehealth services.

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