KENYA – Vitality Health International has launched a preventative based health insurance program that will offer financial incentives for customers who engage in healthy behaviours.

According to its CEO, Emma Knox, the preventative approach to healthcare that it aims to provide does not only cover positive lifestyle choices – such as increasing physical activity levels and nutrition – but go much further to clinical screening and early intervention, as well as support during and after treatment to help avoid a condition reoccurring.

“Vitality prioritizes prevention, primary care, and digital pathways that will enable its members to better understand and navigate access to healthcare and wellbeing,” Emma said.

She adds that the initiative will bring together Vitality’s data science capabilities with its expertise in understanding individual health risks and provide members with programs that have the biggest impact on their future health.

The program will offer an- incentive-based program where, if you participate in physical activities and look after yourself, vitality health rewards you with regular treats and discounts from its partners ranging from travels, eateries, Uber rides, data bundles and 40 percent discount on Garmin fitness device.

Vitality health will offer comprehensive health insurance for employers operating in Africa. The program targets corporates.

Vitality Program is a completely different approach to many existing health insurance programs as it will use data tracked by wearable health devices to inform us on everything from blood pressure to cholesterol levels, creating a points reward system that incentivizes healthy behavior.

The program aims to reduce the four chronic lifestyle diseases of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and cancers which drive 60 percent of preventable deaths globally.

All Vitality health insurance programs will be supported with leading technologies that will ensure seamless, intuitive, and accessible experience for employees, employers and financial advisers.

Since launching in January 2022, Vitality Health International has been gaining momentum in bringing health insurance that rewards healthy living to employer groups in the rest of Africa.

Vitality Health Insurance, developed specifically for the African market, focuses on prevention through screening, as well as mental and physical wellness as key differentiators.

This innovative and digitally-enabled offering also incentivises healthy behaviours through MTN, Vodacom, UNICEF, Uber and Jumia – our exciting new cross-continental rewards partners.

Vitality Health International (VHI) has been gaining momentum in bringing health insurance that rewards healthy living to employer groups in the rest of Africa.

VHI is currently operating in five markets in Africa – the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and as of September 2022, Mozambique – offering Health insurance including the Vitality programme and Travel for Treatment, an end-to-end support solution for people in the rest of Africa who need to travel for specific medical treatments.

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