KENYA—In a significant boost to Kenya’s health emergency response capabilities, the Ministry of Health has donated 940 mobile tablets valued at US $376,132 through a donation facilitated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This initiative, aimed at digitizing immunization processes in the country, marks a pivotal step forward in enhancing healthcare management and service delivery.

During the handover ceremony held in Nairobi, Abdourahmane Diallo, the WHO country representative in Kenya, emphasized the transformative impact of these tablets on immunization data management.

Speaking to journalists, Diallo highlighted how the tablets would empower vaccinators to enhance the quality and accuracy of immunization records, thereby addressing existing data quality gaps and ultimately increasing immunization coverage nationwide.

Moreover, Diallo underscored the tablets’ role in replacing traditional paper-based documentation, thus minimizing data errors and streamlining the vaccination process.

This digitalization initiative represents a significant advancement in Kenya’s healthcare infrastructure, aligning with global trends towards digital health solutions.

Cabinet Secretary for Health, Nakhumicha S. Wafula, expressed gratitude to WHO for their support in advancing Kenya’s digital healthcare agenda.

She reiterated the Ministry’s commitment to digitizing the entire health sector, emphasizing its potential to improve service visibility and optimize resource management.

Echoing this sentiment, Mary Muthoni, Principal Secretary for Public Health and Professional Standards, emphasized the collaborative nature of the donation.

She highlighted the 940 tablets as symbols of partnership crucial for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 17 on global partnerships, underscoring the collective efforts required to advance public health initiatives.

The event also saw the presence of Harry Kimtai, Principal Secretary of the State Department of Medical Services, who acknowledged WHO’s contributions to Kenya’s emergency preparedness efforts.

In addition to the tablets, WHO donated 150 pieces of clothing to support trained national responders, further enhancing Kenya’s capacity to respond effectively to public health emergencies.

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